Ressichem was established in 1999 since its inception over a decade ago, we are proud to cater to the needs of the construction industry offering quality products manufactured at our state of the art plant sourced from the best in Germany and USA. Raw materials for our products are also sourced from quality suppliers worldwide. Ressichem takes pride presenting a variety of construction materials and systems which can cater to many needs of the construction industry. They include:

Backed by a fully equipped laboratory at our own premises with a team of qualified engineers and chemists. Ressichem carries our regular tests to maintain quality of finished products for various construction applications. Vigorous onsite support and quality systems allow for maintaining the quality of our products, as well as solve construction problems. In our effort to maximize customer satisfaction, our technical personnel directly co-ordinate with customer to offer excellent services, product selections and even trouble shoot construction problems where needed.

Operating on a customer first philosophy, Ressichem has carved its name in the ever demanding needs of the construction industry, by offering world class service in fulfilling customer requirements via quality manufacturing and rigid quality control of products. We believe that the responsiveness and the priority we attach to the customer needs and their satisfaction has played a pivotal role in our phenomenal growth so far.